Chances are you know at least five guys under age 35 who have

Contacted my credit card company and reported them, which C2C tried to fight. The credit card company asked for proof of delivery, and the charge was finally removed 3 months later by Visa. Some how I was ended up with an $87 C2C gift card (no idea how they came up with that number, when the sweater was $100).

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I just written 4 pages of general stuff which is what most of you would hear in an email anyway, so please cut me some slack. Go read it! Danke, laterish dudes. Actually, if my friends are anything to go by, you ll just piss off on your little family holidays without so much as an, I m leaving, goodbye and not give a second thought to the fact that I won t be here when you get back.Never mind, I m not bitter.

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I was a little taken aback and all I could think of to say as I put my head back down to walk away was: I hope you take your vitamins! (That was five years ago. If it happened today I guess I would say: I hope you don have any preexisting conditions! After three years of arduous rebuilding, we had a nucleus of young players we believed in who were ready to break into the majors together. Many of these players were 21 and 22 years old: your peers, your generation.

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