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Female-to-female intimate transmission of HIV

Key points

  • The possibility of female-to-female transmission that is sexual incredibly unusual, with just a few reported instances.
  • HIV-positive women that identify as lesbian might have obtained HIV through inserting medication usage or intercourse with guys.
  • Transmission is achievable through sharing of adult sex toys and contact with bloodstream while having sex.

When contemplating the matter of female-to-female sexual transmission it really is essential to draw a difference amongst the chance of transmission by this path and diagnoses of HIV illness in females whom identify as lesbian. There were only six reported instances of woman-to-woman transmission that is sexual and these reports have to be seen with the exact same care as any kind of instance reports of transmission through dental sex (cunnilingus).

Within the very early several years of the epidemic, investigations regarding the supply of disease in United States females failed to determine any full situations of female-to-female transmission. As an example, a 1992 followup of most 144 ladies identified as HIV-positive through the bloodstream contribution solutions in the usa interviewed 106 ladies, and identified just three that has had intercourse with ladies. Most of these ladies had other danger facets: either inserting medication use or genital sexual intercourse with males (Chu).

An Italian research of 18 HIV-discordant lesbian partners who was simply monogamous lovers for at the least 3 months just before recruitment and who have been followed for half a year discovered no seroconversions took place during this time period. Continuer la lecture