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For me to take Truvada for PrEP?

Medications for depression have not been shown to interact with Truvada for PrEP if I take medication for my depression, is it safe.

Can I experience fat redistribution?

Truvada for PrEP is not connected with any redistribution of fat in the human body.

Which are the long-lasting ramifications of using Truvada for PrEP?

As of at this time, we don’t know the long-lasting results of using Truvada for PrEP beyond lowering your threat of HIV. It’s important to make use of your physician to monitor any possible effects that are long-term.

For those who you live with HIV and using Truvada for long-lasting HIV therapy, you will find issues about increased renal function and reduced bone tissue mineral thickness.

Does PrEP work differently for “tops” or “bottoms”?

Bottoms are usually at much greater risk for HIV than tops. One of several advantages of Truvada for PrEP is the fact that the medications are recognized to be really great at protecting folks from illness during receptive rectal intercourse. That it encounters after you swallow the pill and Truvada is absorbed into your body, much of it winds up in your colorectal tissue—ready to fight any HIV. That does not imply that PrEP is not a prevention that is good for tops—it simply means this has also greater advantages for bottoms.

I take advantage of condoms each and every time We have intercourse; is PrEP right for me?

It’s great that you’re currently using constant proactive actions to take over of the health that is sexual and your danger for HIV. Continuer la lecture