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Lightweight Airmail Stationery&who is able to allow you to together with your Entrance documents?

Your just source will likely be Japanese makers or classic.

Basildon Bond (UK) makes some « Airmail Stationery », however it is more substantial weight stuff which will be not fountain pen friendly.

Clairefontaine and G. Lalo (France) utilized in order to make some up until a years that are few, if they decided there clearly was no more a market for this.

Since area mail is no further an alternative in accordance aided by the extreme fall in price for airmail, there is absolutely no longer any advantage to making specialty paper to shave 5 g from the weight.

Check e-bay for classic stuff and a lot of stationers must be able to acquire some form of the product that is japanese you.

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Is this of every assistance? Simply the paper, no envelopes.

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Your just source will probably be Japanese manufacturers or classic.

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Any reco’s for the people which can be more FP friendly? Thanks.

I believe you need to bring your opportunities if you use classic stock. Continuer la lecture